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The benefits of Raw honey have been known since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians saw honey as food from the Gods, and it has been found entombed in the great Pyramids. 

Mobia honey is never pasteurised, but lightly filtered maintaining all the benefits of raw honey


Our Black Oak honey is from from the rich sap from oak trees in the forests of Bulgaria - giving a highly nutritious

not so sweet dark honey. 


While honey contains all the sugars that bees need, pollen provides them with proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for nourishment. The pollen is then distributed to different parts of the hive and stored in honeycomb. It is especially rich in B vitamins and antioxidants which is why some make the very large claim that it is nature’s complete superfood. Perfect sprinkled on cereals, mixed in yoghurt or added to smoothies


Our Acacia Honey is foraged in northern Bulgaria in the sprigtime from the nectar of the white Acacia tree. It is straw yellow in colour and tastes medium sweet with a fruity after taste.


Our organic spread of Honey and Hazelnut paste is a delicious product blending pure high quality honey and ground organic hazelnuts resulting in a spectacular culinary delight. A wholesome healthy spread for breakfast and snacks - guilt free can also be used in baking.


Our Chilli Honey is great to have in the kitchen as a treat, or to use in marinades, dips, salad dressings or as a hot drink. It is our raw Wildflower Honey infused with chillies. Sweet taste to start till the chilli kicks in….  awesome  addition to any pizza or hot whiskey.


This Super Honey mix is enhanced with all the

treasures of the hive to superboost its health

credentials. It includes
Propolis - rich in 
antioxidants to support the immune system, Pollen - an excellent nutritional supplement for boosting

energy and Royal Jelly - the Queen Bee’s super food.


Lavender honey originates in the  lavender fields located in north eastern Bulgaria. This golden honey is characterised by fast crystallisation, rich taste, superb flavour and sensational aroma.


Our Bee Bomb is perfect for boosting or protecting the body. All the amazing health

benefits from our own superfood ingredients - in one jar! One teaspoon can be added to tea or muesli or general cooking!
n this jar you have the added benefit of organic ginger, turmeric and coconut oil.

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