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Beekeeper with Honeycomb

Our story

Mobia was started in 2018 by Johnny Molloy.

I grew up in rural Ireland around food, working my way up through the cabbage ranks in the family greengrocer business until I finally took it over. Over the years, I've seen an increased demand for tasty, clean, nourishing food and began the Mobia journey to source the finest products locally and from around the world.  My journey involves meeting with farmers and suppliers, ensuring all food sourced is ethically grown and harvested, natural environments strictly maintained and farmers and their workers fairly paid.
My ethos is "food is medicine and medicine is food".
I am an Irish man on a mission to bring the best nature nourishing food (real food), to my customers. Locally produced and from the four corners of the globe - that tastes feckin awesome too...

The best multi-floral honey comes from Bulgaria. The best Açai comes from Brazil.
The best Coconuts from Sri Lanka!

The name Mobia comes from Mo Bhia. The Irish for 'My Food'.

Image by Beth Macdonald
Image by Click and Learn Photography
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